Thursday, June 25, 2009

We'll Pick You Up

My apologies on the delayed posting, but I wanted to jump on here and quickly update folks on the latest job stuff. As you probably guessed from the title, I have accepted a position with Enterprise Rent-a-Car as a Managment Trainee, and I started work yesterday.

My title may sound glorious, but in actuality it's simply the standard customer service position you would see if you went into a branch and wanted to rent a car. The title is accurate though, because all of Enterprise's management, from branch assistants all the way to VP's, start as management trainees. It's nice because that means that all of my supervisors have been in the exact same position that I've been in, and likely fairly recently. It's obviously still early on, but so far the people that I have met have been extremely outgoing, friendly and helpful, which is definitely comforting for someone who's been out of the work enviornment for as long as I have.

I'm also impressed with the amount of resources being dedicated to me. The pay is decent and comes with benefits, but I've also been provided two workbooks of information (company policies and benefits details), a 2" thick binder with training materials, and a hardcover copy of "Exceeding Customer Expectations," a book about the Enterprise sales philosophy. There was a lot of paperwork (25 documents or so that I had to turn in) and at times, the amount of information being thrown at me can be a bit overwhelming, but overall it's good to be back to work.

Hopefully some interesting rental stories will arise and provide some great fodder for this blog (which, I admit, I've done a poor job of updating), but until then, stay tuned...


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