Sunday, March 11, 2007

where does the time go?

sorry, no politically charged posts here...

I'm still on a cloud because Miami won the MAC tournament yesterday, meaning that they will be going dancing in this year's NCAA Tournament. I think IU has a pretty decent shot of making it as well, I just hope they don't face off against each other! Miami finished fourth in the MAC this year, so I'm nervous about their odds when Selection Sunday occurs in a few minutes, but I'm just glad they're there and hopefully I can watch them.

In other exciting news, the brand-spankin' new is set to launch tomorrow! Last minute things usually pop up, but I think it looks like a go. Be sure to swing by there when you get a chance and check it out, that has been a lot of my off-season hard work on there. It's going to be an awesome new site and I think the fans will really enjoy it.

Finally, it's hard to believe, but the players have begun arriving for the 2007 season. The team start pre-season training on March 19, and I received a call from one of them last evening saying he had just arrived into town and was starting to move into his place. Isn't it crazy? Of course, for me it means the end of 40-hour work weeks for probably the next six months, but with my new job with the team, I don't think I'm going to mind it nearly as much. I just hope Michelle doesn't mind!

Anyway, just thought I would post a quick something up here to let everyone know I'm still doing alright. A big congrats to Gabe and Allie Failor, two more people about to join 'the other side'. Dariano, Cavins and I look forward to greeting you when you arrive, mwahaha...