Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brad's All-Time Fave Films: #3

Star Wars Episodes IV - VI (1977-1983)

I know some will probably accuse me of cheating since this is actually three movies, but I'm taking it as one story arc that is spread over three movies. With each movie taken individually, they'd all be great, and I think they are, but none of them would probably warrant a place this high on my list. I named this list "Fave FILMS" instead of "Fave MOVIES" on purpose because the original "Star Wars" as a whole would be up this high.

As far as the trilogy itself, what can I say? I though about doing some cliche spinoff of the 'long time ago' phrase to discuss my experiences, but figured I'd avoid that easy trap. Most of you that know me know that I'm a big "Star Wars" fan, and have been for some time. When I was thinking about what I wanted to say about "Star Wars," the first thought that sprung to me was that I remember exactly where I was when I first saw it. There are very few other movies that I can say that about.

I don't think I really need to go into much detail at this point about the merits of "Star Wars" since everyone has seen it, and odds are, they probably at least enjoyed it on a surface level of being an entertaining story. I know that the acting needed a lot of work, and some of the 'special effects' seem kitschy by today's standards, but who among us wouldn't stop at least for just a few minutes if you saw it on?

Needless to say, episodes 1-3 didn't make the list.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Brad's All-Time Fave Films: #4

Braveheart (1995)

Surely anyone that knows me would know that this would be somewhere near the top of the list. I mean, after all, I have a replica sword from the film mounted to my dining room wall! By now, my list should make it pretty clear that I like historical epics, so further reason for Braveheart's inclusion.

I'm not going to sit here and praise the acting or the character development (only partially because I don't feel it's worth noting), I won't even argue that there are inaccuracies and anachronisms, because I think what this film has going for it is its storytelling. Indeed, if you're interested in Anglo history, odds are you enjoyed the film too.

The other thing that I really enjoyed about this movie is the widespread effect that it had over in Scotland. The film spawned a tidal wave of nationalist sentiment and membership and interest in Scottish history skyrocketed following the release. It brought Scottish history to the rest of the world, as well. How many of us had heard of William Wallace before the movie? I bet you have now.