Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rare, I know, but...

I have to give credit to Verizon (phone company?? Gasp!) or Motorola or whoever it is that came up with the new phone they were advertising the other day on TV.

It's the one with the girl who used to be a 'music gatherer' but now she's a 'music hunter'. Know the one I'm talking about? It's only been the last few weeks that the commercial's been on, but basically the phone can detect songs that you may only catch a snippet of. The commercial shows a girl in a clothing store and she hears a song she likes on the speakers in the store. She holds up her phone, pushes a button, and the phone tells her on the display screen the artist and song title (as well as the opportunity to buy and download the song to your phone, if that's your bag). Pretty neat, huh?

Ironically enough, I was telling Michelle about this neat new device while we were at Old Navy (a clothing store: coincidence?) this week, and then not a few moments later a song that I wasn't familiar with came on over the speakers in the store. It was a good song and I thought it sounded like a band I like (Splender), so I came home and searched to see if they had a new album out.

Well, they didn't, but thankfully my guess of what the song was called (it's "Ruby" by Kaiser Chiefs; the chorus says "Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! Ruby!") helped me find it and d/l it on iTunes. But had the song been called anything other than "Ruby", I would have been out of luck.

Hopefully I can rely on my wit to help me figure out mysterious songs for a few more years but I admit that this may be one of the cooler features I've ever seen on a phone. And maybe, just maybe, Verizon may have two more people join "The Network."